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Meet our team, check out our programs and learn about Out of the Ashes’ refuge in the foothills.

Who we are.

Recovery is a refuge. It opens the doors to a life of hope, glory and joy.

Out of the Ashes is the only refuge in the foothills for the uninsured, underserved and often overlooked in our community who are in need of recovery and emergency housing.

Learn more about our programs and the team that brings hope to life! We build relationships with participants, share the gospel and love them regardless of their response. Our participants are prepared to re-enter Rutherford and Polk County as productive members of society.

131 Countryside Dr
Forest City, NC 28043

P.O. Box 335
Bostic, NC 28018

(828) 395-2000

Mon-Fri > 9am – 5pm
Sat-Sun > Closed

Thank you to all who have or will give to God’s ministry. May the Lord bless you and keep you, and may His face shine upon you.

What we do.

Recovery Services

Recovery Services

Recovery is possible. Through classes, meetings and peer-to-peer accountability, our participants who commit to the program are on their way to a life that is happy, joyous and free. Our participants are required to give back to Rutherford and Polk during their time here through community service. We also have a program in Spanish specifically for the Hispanic/Latino community. Contact us for more information on recovery services.

Emergency Shelter

Emergency Shelter

Our refuge is always open for uninsured, underserved and overlooked. If someone is willing to make a change in their life, we’re willing to offer them a bed. Men, women and children have opportunities for housing on our campus with wrap-around support, helping them towards restoration. Before coming to campus, the participant must call and fill out an intake form.

Exercise and Music Therapy

Exercise and Music Therapy

We believe the Lord has given us creativity as a means of healing. Through exercise programs and music therapy, we are able to care for the mind, body and spirit of the participants in our long-term recovery program. Out of the Ashes is the first organization in western North Carolina to implement music therapy in its recovery program, and we’ve already seen extensive benefits through composing, producing and performing music. Learn more about these programs!

Counseling and Discipleship

Counseling and Discipleship

Relationships are what set Out of the Ashes apart. With strong partnerships with local congregations and an equipped staff, we build relationships with our participants and share with them the hope of the gospel. We host Bible studies weekly, regularly pray over our participants, and host over 13,000 one-on-one counseling sessions a year. Grace, perseverance in suffering and peace that surpasses all understanding drive everything we do at Out of the Ashes so that ALL who seek it can embrace a life worth living. Connect your church to our mission.

Meet our team!


Pat Chamberlain

Executive Director & Founder

Chelsea Chamberlain

Asst. Exec. Director & Co-Founder

Board of Directors

Lee Moss

Board Chair

Randall Reavis

Board Member

Kimberly Wilkerson

Board Member

Sonya Twitty

Board Member

Denise Brill


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